SQU.ID SQ.200 - Hands Free, Eyes Free Translation System

The SQU.ID® SQ.200 is designed for one-way, speech-to-speech translation in tactical situations when users need their hands and eyes free. While in Voice Recognition Mode, the user is able to access translations by speaking a wake up word ("TRANSLATOR") into the SQ.200's headset microphone and then speaking (in English) the desired phrase. The SQ.200 incorporates Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to immediately identify the English phrase the user has spoken. It then clearly broadcasts the foreign language translation. With up to 2,400 phrases at the ready, the SQ.200 offers tactical advantages for military, law enforcement, first responder, corrections users, and more.

Key Features
SQU.ID with headset

Optimal Situational Awareness:

Hands free, eyes free operation allows users to focus on critical tasks.


Easy to Use Out of the Box:

The SQ.200 comes pre-loaded with situation-specific language categories and does NOT require tedious voice training to operate.


Voice-Activated Operation:

All menu options, settings and phrase selections are voice-activated; users can refine settings and options for even faster operation.

Clear Communication:

High fidelity acoustic technology ensures clear translations in high-noise environments; if necessary, easily connect the SQ.200 to an external speaker for broader audible coverage.


“My Favorites” Category:

Add frequently used or mission-specific phrases to a “My Favorites” category for quick access; sequence them for looped playback in multiple languages.

Create User Profiles:

Create user-defined phrasebooks for specific applications; sync up entire teams to use the same translator setup across multiple systems.


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