A Feature Rich Translation System

The handheld Phraselator® P2 is the most full-featured and versatile language translation system available anywhere. Ruggedly constructed to survive even the toughest usage environments, the P2 can translate thousands of pre-defined English phrases into over 70 other languages.

Translates Three Ways

The P2 offers three translation modes: Voice-activated speech input using the PUSH TO TALK button; tap the desired phrase on the touch screen; or use the TOGGLE button to scroll and select the desired phrase.

Clear Communication

High fidelity acoustic technology ensures clear translations in high-noise environments; or easily connect the P2 via audio cable to an acoustic haling device or loudspeaker for long range broadcast capability.

Full-color Touch Screen

The P2’s touch screen offers quick access to translations, settings and advanced features such as: the ability to add new phrases and translations directly on the device, and keyword searching.

“My Favorites” Category

Commonly used or mission-specific phrases can be grouped into a “My Favorites” category for quick access and sequenced “looped” playback in multiple languages.

Optimal Situational Awareness

Body worn, eyes free operation allows users to focus on critical tasks. Button interfaces are clear and easy to actuate, even with gloves.

Advanced User Settings:

All menu options, settings and phrase selections are easily adjusted by the user depending on the operational requirements; users can refine settings and options for even faster operation.

Add New Translations:

Create user-defined custom phrases and translations on device; customized for local dialects or customs.

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