Innovation: Bridging the Gap from the Research Lab to the Field

Cutting edge research is meaningless to our customers if it isn’t properly transitioned and fielded as part of a product offering. Unlike many companies doing R&D for the US government, our primary focus is on transitioning the research out of lab and into real products. Our Phraselator® and SQU.ID® translation systems are the most widely fielded ruggedized translators in the world. And we continue to innovate and develop new products and foreign language sets faster than any other company.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Designing and building in-house ruggedized hardware with state-of-the-art embedded translation software isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work. Just look around, nobody else is doing it. All the “big boys” gave up trying. That’s what sets Voxtec apart – at our core we are intensely focused on solving the hard problems and bringing new ideas to reality.

Mission drives function, function drives design.

Our customers work in the real world, not in some quiet lab. Voxtec designs and builds products for demanding real world missions. Our mobile speech-to-speech translations systems have unique a mission to fulfill. Function must fulfill the mission, design must fulfill function.  

Build it to last, and make upgrades easy.

Our products must withstand harsh work environments. We know that many of our products are going to be out in the field for 10+ years, and still function. Hardware designs have to be rugged. And as we develop new applications, software has to be upgraded easily.

Build, field, feedback, rebuild.

We believe rapid prototyping and incremental updates are more efficient and effective in the long run. Throughout our history we have released new designs and physical prototypes every few months to constantly get feedback and upgrade our design ideas.  

Never stop dreaming.

We live, eat and breathe this stuff. We are constantly coming up with new ideas and pushing things further. Our new SQ.410 system is the latest result how bringing fresh ideas to an old problem can result in a totally new capability.