The SQU.ID® SQ.410 is designed for speech-to-speech translation in tactical or emergency situations when users need their hands and eyes free.

The SQ.410 incorporates state of the art, non-networked, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to immediately identify the English words the user has spoken. It then clearly broadcasts the foreign language translation. With the ability to have Voxtec’s entire language module library on-device and at the ready, the SQ.410 offers decisive, user friendly advantages for military, disaster relief, medical, law enforcement, first responder, corrections users, and more.

Key Features

“My Favorites” Category

Add frequently used or mission-specific phrases to a “My Favorites” category for quick access; order them for looped playback or sequential operational procedures.

Clear Communication

High fidelity acoustic technology ensures clear translations in high-noise environments; if necessary, easily connect the SQ.410 to an external speaker for broader audible coverage.

Optimal Situational Awareness

Body worn, eyes free operation allows users to focus on critical tasks. Button interfaces are clear and easy to actuate, even with gloves.

Easy to Use Right Out of the Box

The SQ.410 comes pre-loaded with situation-specific language categories and does NOT require tedious voice training to operate. Simply turn it on and start translating.

Advanced User Settings

All menu options, settings and phrase selections are easily adjusted by the user depending on the operational requirements; users can refine settings and options for even faster operation.

Add New Translations

Create user-defined custom phrases and translations on device; customized for local dialects or customs.

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