Advancing Voice Technology in the Real World.


At Voxtec, the practical application of state-of-the-art translation technology has been our core mission for over 15 years. Whether our systems are helping an Armed Forces service member carry out a mission, a law enforcement officer maintain control in a crisis situation, or a construction superintendent relay key safety instructions, Voxtec leads the way in overcoming today’s language barriers with real-world solutions.


Voxtec is committed to deeply understanding the specific communication challenges and opportunities that exist in each of the markets we serve. Our speech-to-speech translation technology was originally developed to support military operations in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. To ensure our systems truly met the unique requirements of these end users, we embedded ourselves alongside U.S. warfighters overseas to identify their diverse, ever-changing voice translation needs.


The result of several years of rigorous research, development and fine tuning, our Phraselator® and SQU.ID® product offerings possess attributes inside and out that make them invaluable to service members: Rugged design and construction, portability, versatility and translation accuracy. To date, well over 10,000 Voxtec language translation systems are in the hands of service members worldwide.


Voxtec is a veteran-owned, small business with multiple SBIR contracts, including a 5-year, $45 million SBIR Phase III contract with Naval Air Systems Command.


Our main offices are located in Annapolis, Maryland where we carry out our sales, marketing and administration functions and where we also conduct software engineering, product R&D, quality assurance testing, and customer service. All our product designs are based on industry best practices for “designed for manufacturability” (DFM) methods to ensure consistent, high quality manufacturing procedures in accordance with ISO9001 certifications.